5 Tips On How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Venue

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1 – Establish Your Budget

This is first on the list because it’s the one factor that will dictate everything else in the planning of your special day. You and your soon to be husband must first figure out how much you can afford, and how much you’re willing to spend. Deciding this will make sure that you avoid setting your heart on a venue that’s out of your price range, or inviting too many guests. This is actually the most common mistake couples make, leaving them basically broke. Or worse yet, in heaps of debt. A terrible way to start any marriage. When you have this figure you can work out roughly how much you will be able to spend on the venue alone. A general rule is that half of the total budget can go towards the venue.

2 – If You Can Afford It, Seek Professional Help

Are you the kind of person with so little spare time that even the thought of all the planning that lies ahead is enough to make your head spin (and if you can afford it), you should really consider leaving all the details for the Wedding planner to worry about. The amount of stress you will avoid by using their experience and passion, when it comes to the flowers and catering and decorations and music, really is priceless. Hiring a professional wedding coordinator might not save you any money, but it will save you the stress and burden that going it alone so often brings.

3 – Decide on the Maximum Number of Guests You Can Afford To Invite 

It’s important to establish this before you book your venue because most places will want a rough estimate. They’ll also want a deposit based on this number. Don’t worry about getting confirmation of the guest list, as this guarantee is usually only required a few days before the wedding. It’s very important to decide on a guest list early on in the planning so you can budget properly and make sure you can afford to pay for everything. And remember, it’s also a great idea to contact all those people who didn’t RSVP as they may have simply forgotten to.

4 – Decide On A Date

The Wedding date is important for a number of reasons. Having more flexibility with the date will often allow you to secure the venue of your dreams at a much lower rate, especially if you’re willing to make it during one of the off-season months. Of course you might have your heart set on the anniversary of the day you met, the day your parents were married, or some other significant day. But be aware of just how much the choice of date can influence the price of the venue…

5 – Decide What Style You Want

Do you want your wedding to be formal? Or would you prefer a more relaxed feel? Something traditional or something more eclectic? Do you want a day reception or one at night? Inside a church or out in nature? By deciding on the style you want before you start searching for a venue, can really help narrow things down.

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